Objectives and Strategies of CCCP

The development objective of the project is to enhance the capacity of selected communities to increase their resilience to the adverse impacts of climate change. This objective is expected to be achieved through the establishment of an effective grant financing mechanism within PKSF to channel funds to eligible non-government organizations.

The project introduces a new and innovative approach to finance community-based adaptation interventions in selected climate vulnerable areas by increasing the institutional capacity of PKSF to administer a fund. The proposed project consists of three components:

      - Community Climate Change Adaptation Fund;
      - Knowledge Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, and Capacity Building; and
      - Project Management. 

Since most adaptation interventions to date at the community level are extremely small, scattered and un-coordinated, the project would adopt a framework approach for the identification of scalable community sub-projects using transparent screening criteria to meet the objectives of the project. For the purposes of CCCP, NGOs are defined as private organizations that pursue activities to relieve suffering, promote the interests of the poor, protect the environment, provide basic social services, or undertake community development. In wider usage, the term ‘NGO’ can be applied to any non-profit organization that is independent from the government. NGOs, who will be implementing the sub-projects under CCCP, will be termed as Project Implementing Partners (PIPs).

Expected Outcomes

Key outcomes expected at the end of the project implementation are:

   - Community mechanisms established and functioning in selected communities to respond effectively to specific climate risk;
   - Communities adopted sustainable adaptation practices to address specific climate change risk;
   - Sub-grants implemented in the selected communities are assessed to have achieved the targeted objectives


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